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Readers/ followers of my blog can now share their personal experiences and help others make better decisions vis-a-vis new places to visit, hotels and restaurants. Escpto (read as Escape to), an initiative that I have been working on for the past few months, is alive and in its beta phase. I am stoked. Here are a few useful links: Website (, About Escpto (, Facebook page ( and Twitter ( Members can share their experiences while featured escapists get profiled and can have their followers. Subscribe to it, become a featured escapist, like it, love it, spread the word and please give your feedback!

From Heathrow to Brisbane: There are no coincidences in life

Everything happens for a reason, whether you figure it out or not. There are no accidents. James Redfield, author of ‘The Celestine Prophecy’, helped many connect to their deeper, more sacred spiritual selves. Life takes a new meaning when you seriously consider that people who cross your path have a message for you. When you seek meaning and purpose, it comes to you like most good things in life. I narrated my entrepreneurial story recently when Dr Shane Pegg, during a lecture at the University of Queensland, asked me to share my experience with the class. Continue reading From Heathrow to Brisbane: There are no coincidences in life

Important points to consider before making a decision about University Education

The choice of a university program for pursuing higher education is an overwhelming decision and a very serious one. It is challenging to make such an important decision with real consequences at a young age, especially in cultures where teenagers are not allowed to choose much for themselves. As a University instructor, I saw many students struggle and seek advice about what to study and do in life in terms of a career choice. Here are a few points that I wish someone had told me when I set off to make serious life choices. I figured this out by experience and reading about work, life, and family. If this helps one young person find an answer to what to study or do in life in terms of a career, my job is done.

What do you want to be? What kind of a person do you realistically aspire to be? This is important to answer as the courses you study and the work that you eventually pursue will leave a mark on the kind of a person that you evolve into. Continue reading Important points to consider before making a decision about University Education

Falling in love with food in Australia

Fresh Australian produce & Gary Mehigan on a Magazine cover - Some things in life are just right!
Fresh Australian produce & Gary Mehigan on a Magazine cover – Some things in life are just right!

Buying fresh produce early In the morning could be the best way to start the day when you have some time on your hands. Hardly much can go wrong with a magazine purchase featuring Gary Mehigan (one of the much loved judges of Masterchef Australia), fresh strawberries to make a quick milkshake with, passion fruit, ginger and wholemeal bread. As people queued up for coffee, some quick breakfast nibbles and fresh bread at a neighbouring shop in Taringa, an old man in a red jumper asked my two year old about the little treasure he was holding in his hand. My little man was quick to show his dragon, sword and castle. That’s just about any morning in Brisbane – friendly people, smiling faces, a little chat, coffee, fresh produce, and lots of possibilities.

The Effect of Purpose Branding on Brand Equity

My Masters thesis focused on the effect of purpose brands (i.e. job-specific brands) on the resulting equity of the brand. The abstract of the thesis and the link to the thesis can be found below.

Purpose brands create powerful means of differentiation in the minds of customers as they are tightly associated to the job for which customers hire them. Advertising and WoM communication play a vital role in building awareness for the purpose brands and creating positive and strong brand associations, which result in brand equity. Brand equity is the added value a brand name brings to a product or service besides the functional benefits. Brand equity in case of purpose brands is built when the product does the job and people talk about it. High brand equity implies that customers perceive that the brand is of high quality, have positive and strong
associations related to the brand, and are loyal to the brand associations (Aaker,1991, 1996; Keller, 2003).

The in-depth interviews revealed that the purpose brands of Google and Apple iPod were closely tied to the job for which customers hired these brands, and they were primarily built on WoM communication. The findings suggested that the two purpose brands had relatively higher mean scores, and enjoyed significant differences in mean scores in terms of the three core dimensions of brand equity, compared to relatively more generic brands. It was concluded that there is a difference in the influence of purpose brands, compared to relatively more generic brands, on brand equity, and the influence seems to be positive.

The purpose brand approach has significant implications for marketing communications. Job-specific brands create meaningful differentiation in the customers’ minds, which could imply that marketers may need to spend less on
overall advertising, other than the occasions of creating brand awareness when the product is launched and for reminder advertising. This in turn could improve the profitability of the companies. Purpose brands should be able to create a strong ‘pull’ for a brand and in this event, Internet marketing becomes a powerful tool for information diseemination. The limitations of the research are that the brand selection could be refined to enable selection of more combinations of purpose brands and relatively generic brands, and the sample could include more than just
student samples.

The Effect of Purpose Branding on Brand Equity (PDF file)