Forming the human connection

We are wired to care, wired for connection. The human baby flourishes with care and regardless of age or wisdom, we thrive on care. How we show care matters; it might be the difference we make in someone’s day. As you step into a small retail store or cafe, saying “hello! how are you doing?” might seem trivial. Quite to the contrary, it’s in these small moments that we show our humanity. Next time, stop and say hi and build a little connection with the employee standing in the store. Be the odd person who asks “how was your day?” in the lift. There is magic in these small moments.

5 Lessons I Learned in 2017 to Avoid Burnout

The year 2017 turned out to be a remarkable year for me for a multitude of reasons. My body showed symptoms of burnout, which I ignored completely.  I was focused on getting jobs done perfectly and there were never enough hours in a day to do all that I wanted done. This made me suffer more intensely from burnout.

Eventually I learned to let go of old routines to make room for new practices focused on taking care of my health. Now I adhere to practices of meditation, yoga and pilates in my daily routine. Here are a few key lessons that I have learned in this brilliant, turbulent and challenging year.  Continue reading “5 Lessons I Learned in 2017 to Avoid Burnout”

Home schooled

We know that schools sometimes kill creativity and the shortcomings of academia ingrained through best practice that’s often a reflection of the past but this is fresh Could home schooling be the future for really bright minds? A flight away from indoctrination, the way things are done, a silent respect for the status quo and a fear of shaking things up beyond comfort and reason.

Inspiration and its side effects

To feel so charged that you cannot stand still. The urge to move in rapid motion for your whole body to be in rhythm with the speed at which your mind is interpreting an experience, a conversation, an encounter. Such moments in life are the highlights of our personal stories. You cannot attach a price tag to these moments even if you wanted to. A heartfelt thanks to Dr Pierre Benckendorff for infusing my learning journey with tons of inspiration.

Micro moments can make (or break) experiences

The entire experience of an organisation can be built or broken in the tiny details or micro moments. As Ahmed Shuja, an experience designer, aptly explained over coffee

“Micro moments really matter to users because small niggling problems, which they know can be fixed, drive them more mad than bigger problems. Feelings of empathy towards the brand can make users a little forgiving when it comes to big problems.”

Continue reading “Micro moments can make (or break) experiences”