Dawn News Channel Hits Rock Bottom – PART 2

This is PART 2 of my blog entry on the same topic published on November 21st 2010.

The Mast Morning program that aired on Friday, November 12th 2010 takes the trophy for being the most appalling program that Dawn has probably ever aired. Seeing two famous media personalities, Mustansar Hussain Tarar and Faryal Gohar, being interviewed by Juggan Kazim was ironic to say the least. Poor Juggan was out of her depth – naturally. Mustansar had a ball making fun of the morning programmes and he was spot on! Gohar was not given much of a chance to speak, which she openly complained about. Oops. This is not the only fiasco that happened in the programme. Towards the end of the programme, Juggan announced that there is only a minute and a half of show time left and she just had to ask a question from Faryal Gohar. And the question was an inquiry into the linkage of Gohar’s name with President Musharraf! Both the guests were fuming away at the inapprorpiateness of the question. Gohar gave a reasonable justification and said that she didn’t need to give one in the first place. Some of the most apt comments from the ever gorgeous Faryal Gohar which were live on air included that “One does not expect Dawn News to stoop to this level. This is the level of some suspense novel!” and “the fact that the standard has dropped so much is why I have stopped writing for Dawn”. Final nail in Dawn’s coffin from her end was that “the producers and owners of Dawn should take notice of what all wrong is happening to their channel”. Juggan’s last comments were “Thank you Mustansar sahib and Faryal Gohar” and Gohar’s last comment to Juggan was “No thanks to you Juggan”. Now that was far from a happy ending for a morning show. Juggan did the worse ever damage control. It is also a sad reflection on Dawn’s history since Musharraf was the President of the country at the time of the launching ceremony of the channel and he was the one who inaugarated it.

On the evening of November 12th, Dawn aired a censored version of the show. Any surprise? Guess not. Last I saw the  program a few days ago and the guest was Shehzad of the Ather Shehzad fame. Now that is familiar territory for Juggan Kazim. Juggan absolutely rocks with young people in casual chitchat with her vivacious personality and hearty laughter. She is pretty, bubbly, with the ability to speak energetically early in the morning. She is the Garnier girl and rightly so. But everyone has limitations. Dawn hired her for the wrong job in a program which shouldn’t have been. When Gohar was giving Juggan a piece of her mind, Juggan even said that the producers requested her to ask the question which rubbed Gohar the wrong way.Poor Juggan. Mustansar referred to Juggan as lawaris when Gohar was fondly talking about her love for lawaris animals. Leg pulling does not qualify as good humor chacha jee.

Dawn is losing its market at a very fast pace. They have lost me and a few others I know of. So market research suggests that Urdu news channels are popular in Pakistan. Why change your whole impetus to Urdu only I ask? Why not have the Dawn newspaper in Urdu only also? So what will Dawn News channel be like from here onwards – another Geo, Duniya or Aag? Where is the differentiation then? Its Urdu news transmission is dull at best. It’s just not what Dawn was cut for. Mast mornings is an absolute image killer.

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  1. You are spot on about Dawn news. But, morning shows have always been like that!I remember watching Nadia Khan interviewing Aitzaz Ahsan, and OMG she’d one of the silliest questions to ask!!!One thinks that if she’s planning on inviting the ‘vanguard of democracy’ she’d better done some research/homework, but there she’s being herself. The point is, masses like these women being vivacious and bubbly. I recall Ayesha Alam doing the same with her guests. Besides, I wouldn’t be so hard on Juggan, if I were you, she’s never claimed to be a bluestocking; what you see, is what you get. Chacha jee is always sarcastic, never been a much of a fan.

    1. Yes morning programs are mostly awful. But the First Blast was a morning show with a “difference”. Remember the original tag line of Dawn New channel? It was “Understand the difference”. I am not being hard on Juggan. I am being hard on the producers of Dawn News channel and I think we agree there. Thanks for your comment.

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