Muslim Rage: What you will not see on Popular Media

A rare glimpse of what else Muslims can do after a handful of politically incited dimwits have shown rage over blasphemous content “Innocence of Muslims”. Watch Pakistani men and women who care about their country, their religion, and stand for inter faith harmony.


Project Clean For Peace. #MuslimLove from Syed Muzamil Hasan Zaidi on Vimeo.

"Here's the other side of Newsweek's Muslim Rage photo. Something the mainstream media wouldn't be too keen to show you in highlighted characters and red strips. Today, tens of hundreds of people showed up from 8 year olds to 60+ senior citizens in different cities of Pakistan to clean up the mess created by the few individuals who somehow always end up defining Pakistan. Here's to all of today's participants, you're the reason why we have a good future. Pakistan is proud of you.

3 Replies to “Muslim Rage: What you will not see on Popular Media”

  1. Now being a Muslim I also have the feelings of disgrace and disrespect for the producers of this film but simultaneously my mind is racing with the thought that how would have our Prophet (S.A.W) handled the situation. Yes he would have never acted like this as he was a staunch advocate of peace and tolerance. His portfolio has been set as an example for all the Muslims worldwide.
    His peaceful actions are not only known among the Muslim community but all over the world. He never agreed with the acts of transgression and even Allah Almighty in the Holy Quran has negated the idea of transgression. We also all know that how Mohammad (S.A.W) treated the lady who used to toss garbage on him while he crossed her street. He dealt with her with patience and humbleness and as a result she converted to Islam as Muhammad (S.A.W) through his actions defined the religion Islam as a peaceful religion. Consequently we should hold peaceful protests but we should not be violent as through peace and tolerance retribution can be made as we all know that Islam is a religion of peace and that is what our Prophet (S.A.W) taught us and that is what Allah also teaches us.

    1. I agree. It is the need of the hour that Muslims put their act together and decide the kind of image they want to portray of themselves in the world post 9/11. There are ways of showing one’s resentment or disagreement with something without being violent.

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