Pakistan Qualifies for the T20 Semi-Finals

The Indian Cricket team often do a superb job at concealing their stress. They are just not that expressive. But yesterday their stress was so evident, and so satisfying, after the grim defeat that the Pakistani Cricket team suffered at their hands a few days ago. From M S Dhoni to Virat Kohli to our Muslim brothers Zaheer Khan and Irfan Pathan, everyone seemed to be completely out of their depth as the South Africans kept hitting the ball till Pakistan qualified for the semi-finals. The celebrations began as soon as South Africans made 122 runs. South Africans might have lost the match but they won over the hearts of Pakistanis. It is sad how mainstream sites like Yahoo Cricket ( and CricInfo ( almost deliberately forget to mention Pakistan’s victories in a positive light. Pakistanis won against Australians yesterday by 32 runs. This victory is huge as everyone knows that defeating the Australian Cricket team by such a big margin is difficult. Let us also not forget, that for once Pakistan, while taking a gamble, gave strategic thinking more importance as opposed to their typical reliance on natural cricketing ability and talent. This strategic thinking was evident even in the way the Pakistan Cricket Team almost deliberately played defensively against India to keep the Indian Team’s Net Run Rate (NRR) low.

It is an awesome job by the Pakistan Cricket Team! It is time for Pakistanis to blow their own trumpet. Proud of the team for entering the Semi Finals.

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