The 100 Most Valuable Brands 2011

Apple became the world’s most valuable brand, followed by Google. No surprise there. In a research study conducted by me over half a decade ago, I chose both these brands as ‘purpose’ brands. Both the brands seemed to be obvious choices to me.¬†Great to see them in the top slot! You can check out the most valuable brands on the link below.

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  1. I personally don't have any doubts over Google being a purpose brand. I however, find it really difficult to recall anything factual about Apple to place it in the list of purpose brands. Apple no doubt, satisfies it's market's need specially with the need being created by Apple itself, the fact that Apple doesn't really has anything special, anything that only Apple has in its products bothers me a lot while trying to accept the formal context.

  2. Re:Suhrab
    I think you have the take in account the nature of the industry. Before Apple (Macintosh) came into the market there was only Microsoft, which quoting on Steve Jobs "their computers have no soul". What Jobs did was to bring a device for artists, musicians, and dreamers so that they can make something beautiful.
    And for me the purpose of Apple is convincing enough. What do you think?

  3. I think coca-cola is one of the 6th most admirable and profitable brand in 2011. pepsi, rc, etc and other such drinks were unable to compete coca-cola in 2011.

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