Pakistanis Teary Eyed… but Will We Stand Up?

No words can express the grief felt by the people sitting in Quetta with the dead bodies of their loved ones. My mind is feeling numb by Dr Tahir ul Qadri’s long march, the capital being sealed off by containers, the tragedy inflicted on the people of Quetta – what all could possibly happen? I am dumbstruck by the clash of values in Pakistan – the debate of living by principles versus filling everyone’s wallets along the way. So this businessman gives a guest speaker session saying “When I decided to come back to Pakistan from the US, I decided that I would put Pakistan over my principles”. Why so? Perhaps because if he lived by his principles, the imported stuff would never be allowed in Pakistan by the Customs Dept and the others who all want their share of the pie. Another successful businessman agreed that you can’t be in Pakistan and talk about the right way of doing business because that simply wouldn’t cut the deal. If you stand up and say “I disagree”, you are referred to as someone with very foreign thoughts, and will immediately be declared either an idiot or someone with very immature ideas. Lament.

We often wonder why we are in such a state. We sold our values, our heart, our soul to the devil in exchange for some loose change. This country might have some beautiful people, hopelessly talented minds, but our priorities are entirely misplaced. We spend like maniacs on weddings, watch pathetic drama serials, talk behind each other’s backs, make a joke of our jobs, and fully support corruption while running our so-called medium to large businesses. No wonder all the barkat is gone from each and every facet of everyday life. We have too many rotten fish in the pond called Pakistan. And the few souls who still have their integrity intact are the small fish who look around surprised, bemused, horrified. I want to be on the road shouting slogans for Hazara, Malala, the never ending number of media-men, rescue workers, and policemen who die in the name of hatred, sectarianism, violence – alas the youth must rise for us to lead them, guide them, hold them. I think of my daughter and who would take care of her when I am gone. These mercenaries wouldn’t take a moment in killing me – I would be just another number in the pile of dead bodies that keeps accumulating in a country that is so loved by the elders I am surrounded by.

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  1. Well said. It breaks my heart when I think about all the people, including myself, who want to stand up for their country but can’t as they have countless obstructions standing in their path. I try to be an optimist but the way things are looking, I think that this country is at its lowest point and it will take a great to rise up again.

  2. Pakistan, by all angles today is engulfed in issues and these are huge issues. What I dread the most is the sectarian issue. Such a religiously charged populace led by opportunists could really create havouc.I wonder when will the people at the healm of affairs learn. I do not think that our political leadership is that incompetant that they can not see the dangers looming over the state. Imagine what turns Quetta ordeal can take, those who have lost their loved ones are bracing intense cold and by the evening sit ins across the country have started taking shape.Its time to keep diplomacy aside and take tangible measures.Propagation of own brand of religion has to be stopped.
    Having been to Quetta nomber of times the present situation breeds lot of frustration.

  3. We, the urban dwellers do not take notice of such incidents until it happens in our own hometown. This gem of a writing is something I was waiting for, you have pointed out the real fault lines.

    I still have vivid memories of suicide blast at FIA office which is at the Mall Road of Lahore, I went there after the blast for reporting (I Was working for Reuters), I saw a local man distributing drinking water among the wounded, his own shelter place was in ruins, he did not ask who is Sunni or who is Shia, just kept on helping the people in anyway he could.

    If this is our response as a nation in disastrous times, then who is the one dividing us into Shias or Hazaraz?

    Europe progressed when it separated the church and state, in our society this amalgamation of religion (which is in further bifurcations of Shia and Sunni sects), so called Pan-Islamism (disrespected by Arab League at large) and nepotism has brought us on the brink of extinction …

    A poor widow raised her two sons in more than 20 years, and in less than 20 seconds they were in more than 20 pieces, Quetta massacre left pile of 82 human bodies. Their only crime was being a follower of another sect !

    Humans killing human, God forgotten as it never was, and would not be to do justice. A dialogue from a movie is rattling in my mind because it describe the entire situation so well …

    “Sometimes I wonder… will God ever forgive us for what we’ve done to each other? Then I look around and I realize… God left this place a long time ago.”

  4. Pakistan is an unsettled nation, all the pillars of state, with the exception of the Supreme Court are not working properly. The president (Mr. 10%), the symbol of the unity of the federation, is totally indifferent to public welfare and is interested only in protecting himself and his ill-gotten wealth. Parliament, the so called embodiment of the will of the people, is fake. But who will turn the page, no one. Zardari Dynasty: King to Prince. This is the darkest era in the history of Pakistan. The country is in deep, deep trouble.

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