The Story of a Poster & Making Jewellery out of a Paperclip




Anyone who has studied from Karen Hoffman would know that she is an amazing instructor. In an exercise during a tutorial, she wanted us to come up with as many ideas as possible of how a paper clip could be used. We had to craft a sales pitch based on a core idea.

The ideas could be creative, usual, unusual, bizarre, or ludicrous. I thought of jewellery! Our selling pitch involved the idea of travelling light and turning one simple paper clip or a few of them into a an arm band, ring, earring, anklet, necklace and more forms of jewellery to be the perfect quirky thing to wear on a beach or to a restaurant while travelling. Daisy Sue and I modelled our unique jewellery pieces and we had a draw between the most ubiquitous idea for the use case of a paperclip (opening an iphone with it) and our idea of turning a regular piece of metal into a highly personalised and unique form of self expression.

Today was another incredible day in the same course. Together with 3 amazing people, I pitched the ‘Whales in Paradise’ tour to a potential distributor. Our pick was Hilton Surfers Paradise. The highlight of this assessment was not that Fan Shanshan and I experienced the tour before selling it, or that we put many hours of work into this, or that I was up in the early hours of a Saturday morning to prep the poster for the printer during semester break, but the fact that I love the people I worked with. Baulala Chen is an Excel wizard who can pump magic into sales forecasts, Fan Shanshan is so sweet and supportive that there are times one feels she might be unreal, and Daisy Sue has a poise and style that is subtle yet powerful. Thank you guys for an amazing effort!

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