Thoughtfully choosing your fight

No matter how hard you try, it is tough to win over everyone. While there will be those who believe in you and see the promise in you, there will also be an army of those who just refuse to see the light in you. Don’t let it frazzle you for long. The best strategy would be to fight harder and smarter the next day and the day after. If you are investing every minute into becoming the best possible version of yourself, the opponents or those who are just not convinced yet will one day see what everyone else saw a lot earlier. In the end, the strongest and most admired person in the room is often the one who fought the hardest in a quest to leave a big positive impact on the world through their work and existence. Make your work matter. Greatness just might be in little things done well repeatedly. Failure is not an option. Your definition of failure is important too. Sometimes keeping your mouth shut and silently proving your potential might be the best way to fight. Overcome your fears. Staying silent sometimes when justice is not served is important to meet bigger goals. It’s hard but it is ultimately extremely rewarding.

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