Notes from Lahore: Findings Some Values of Sufism in the Midst of Materialism and Terrorism


Woke up early (again) to take a few shots of our garden to capture the beauty of this land. I carry the oddly amazing city of Lahore in my heart no matter where I go. We live far from the city so we actually get to hear birds and roosters in the morning and see stars on a clear night.

There was a bomb blast on a centrally located busy road in Lahore yesterday. I was planning on being in the vicinity at the time of the blast if the driver was available. I resist driving on the roads of Lahore since years now – there is horrid traffic, angry drivers and living in the outer suburbs makes the distances long. Thankfully, the driver was busy. I thought to myself like a million times before – I could have been there! The words of the Head of the Tourism cluster at the University of Queensland rang through my ears, when he found out that I was travelling to Pakistan for a short trip, “Syma, be safe!” Well, I am safe for now!

Lahore is dramatically different every time I visit it. While the insatiable hunger for money and showing it off by all means necessary (or unnecessary) has escalated since the last time I was here (only 1.5 years ago), meeting with girlfriends who are not a part of the rat race but are instead focusing on creating value was beautiful. They are entrepreneurs, dreamers and much needed role models for younger girls. They are raising kids, working on novel business ideas and making time to give away free meals home cooked for hundreds of poor people during the holy month of Ramadan. How do people who are poles apart in their thinking and approach to life coexist? Well, they do with a great deal of difficulty because raising the next generation with  values (of honesty, making clean money, doing and saying the right thing) in this city is getting harder by the day.

The tortoise Some Green, Yellow and Grey Palm

Bed of flowers Some pink for the eyes A cozy corner Deck Ants love cactus

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