The “One Day I Will” Trap

Heard this phrase too often “one day I will…” What stops us from living that one day (which seems so far away) today? One day I will live in a gorgeous little studio apartment overlooking a beach. One day I will find time to read that book which has been catching dust in my study. One day when I will have enough in my savings, I’ll take my family on a dream vacation. One day when I am old enough I will make my own decisions even if everyone hates me. One day I will write the article that I have written in my head a hundred times. One day I will be an entrepreneur and be my own boss. As dreamy as this notion of doing everything important or meaningful on this “one day” sounds, it makes a boring life. Why not make that one day today? Why are you not living the life you want to live? Why are you not the person you want to be? Why can you not find the right words to say to the person that means that world to you today?

Life is worth living when you are closer to that one day or when you are actually living and loving that day. Make the distance to that one day shorter. One doesn’t have to be rich, stable, and old to be living in that perfect place that you would like to call home. Many things worth doing are more fun when we are young – romance, love, money, vacations, a place you call home, kids, spirituality, giving, work, fitness – so why wait for that one day when you should be living life to the fullest today. So read that book, smile some more, do a little something that brings you realistically closer to that one perfect day dream. Its easy to throw the burden around and make the challenge appear bigger than it really is … “If I didn’t have my parents to take care of”, “If I had some more money,” “If I wasn’t so scared”, “If my spouse supported me more”, “If my boss wasn’t a maniac”, “If my kids didn’t drive me up the wall”, “If I was born in America”, “If I had more guts”, the list goes on.

Most of the time the only person standing between you and your one day dream is your own self, your inner demons and boogiemen. There is something so innately empowering about living your dream life without complains, unnecessary drama, and a perfect plan for the future that makes your life so miserable today. Some of us are diehard masochists who enjoy a bit of misery. Gosh I don’t deserve to be living the dream. How dare I? What will people think? After all I am so inspired by all those heroes in history who shined like diamonds after hard times. I deserve to live through those miserable years too. Well maybe you can live a happier life today. Maybe tragedy just sounds glamorous and something worth writing a book about but it makes getting out of the bed every morning difficult for you. Living a happy life today requires giving up a few wrong romantic notions that we might have. Maybe you will never be that rich, or that thin, or that famous, or maybe you will be. Living a happy and meaningful life will help you in achieving your goals faster and more effectively and the journey to shangrilla just might be less painful too.

An Open Letter to Muslim Protestors

Mehdi Hassan, the  Political director of The Huffington Post UK, recently wrote an open letter to Muslim protesters. I wish this was understood and appreciated by more people than the minority who is already sharing it through email and social media. It is beautiful, heart wrenching  and brilliant – all at the same time.

Here is the link to the brilliant article titled Continue reading “An Open Letter to Muslim Protestors”

FCCU School of Management Students Shine at a Competition at LUMS

It comes as no surprise that the two teams from the FC College School of Management won a Runners up award in the Brand Rush competition and a second Runners up award in the HRM case study competition.  According to the FC College website, “Emerge 2012 hosted by The Managerial Society at LUMS (MSL) challenged current business students from all over Pakistan to participate in a competition that tested their abilities in the fields of Marketing, Human Resource Management (HRM) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) on 3 and 4 March 2012.” Continue reading “FCCU School of Management Students Shine at a Competition at LUMS”

This Blog is Alive again!

I must apologize to my readers for not blogging since a long while now. The last year has been perhaps the busiest year of my life. Some of the highlights of my life during this phase include giving birth to and subsequently raising my first born … a beautiful daughter named Evania Ahmed, teaching at Forman Christian College School of Management, consulting at Obscure, and educating some executives. It has been one amazing year but it also meant that I had my hands full. I am back readers. And I am back with a vengeance. Keep visiting for some interesting bits on marketing, branding and just about anything that is interesting.

Tale of two Pakistans

Critically acclaimed author Mohammad Hanif writes about the situation in Pakistan in an article on BBC’s website ( The article is brilliant and captures the reality of life in Pakistan to quite an extent. Pakistan has been described by Newsweek magazine as “the most dangerous place in the world”. However, as intense fighting continues and casualties rise, Mohammed Hanif in Karachi says that for the moment there is still a thriving social life.

Last week I received an e-mail from the foreign editor of a European newspaper who said: “So I wonder if you could write a story for us about living in Pakistan which, looking from here, seems to be the bottom of hell.” Continue reading “Tale of two Pakistans”