Micro moments can make (or break) experiences

The entire experience of an organisation can be built or broken in the tiny details or micro moments. As Ahmed Shuja, an experience designer, aptly explained over coffee

“Micro moments really matter to users because small niggling problems, which they know can be fixed, drive them more mad than bigger problems. Feelings of empathy towards the brand can make users a little forgiving when it comes to big problems.”

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Discussion Topic: Advertising & Brand Building

According to Christensen, Cook & Hall (2005), “Much advertising is wasted in the mistaken belief that it alone can build brands. Advertising cannot build brands, but it can tell people about an existing branded product’s ability to do a job well.” Discuss.

Source: Christensen, C. M. & Cook, S. & Hall, T. (2005), Marketing Malpractice: The Cause and the Cure”, Harvard Business Review.

Discussion Topic: The Consumer Decision Making Process

Empowered, savvy, well-informed, discerning, and other similar words are used for the consumers of the 21st century. The traditional funnel concept has changed to the consumer decision journey, which is less linear and more complicated than the funnel. What does the change mean for marketers? Does this have implications for Pakistani consumers living in big cities and marketers as well?

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