The Effect of Purpose Branding on Brand Equity

My Masters thesis focused on the effect of purpose brands (i.e. job-specific brands) on the resulting equity of the brand. The abstract of the thesis and the link to the thesis can be found below.

Purpose brands create powerful means of differentiation in the minds of customers as they are tightly associated to the job for which customers hire them. Continue reading “The Effect of Purpose Branding on Brand Equity”

Homemade (DIY) Rustic Dining Table

Table EdgeI am intrigued by how taken I am by the idea of a dining table. Perhaps the fact that I grew up in a house with a formal along with an informal dining table has to add to my love for dining tables. We are presently living in a villa which took over a year to build and over 2 years to plan. The dining area is the central facet of the open plan living area. Inspired by industrial design, our new home had to reflect a little bit of us and what we like – tons of whim, a rustic and eclectic appeal, and absolutely no gloss. Continue reading “Homemade (DIY) Rustic Dining Table”

RIP Dave Goldberg

The story of Sheryl Sandberg and Dave Goldberg has inspired many in the tech world in the US and beyond. Seldom do women cheer their husbands as much as Sheryl does in her powerful book “Lean In”. I consider Lean In to be a must read for women. Rest in peace Dave Goldberg. Anyone who has read the book has amazing memories of you.

Discussion Topic: Media Courses

As marketing students, do you think we should have media courses that you can study at FCC? My question is inspired from some experiences on the second day of the advertising conference (Adcon).