Discussion Topic: Advertising & Brand Building

According to Christensen, Cook & Hall (2005), “Much advertising is wasted in the mistaken belief that it alone can build brands. Advertising cannot build brands, but it can tell people about an existing branded product’s ability to do a job well.” Discuss.

Source: Christensen, C. M. & Cook, S. & Hall, T. (2005), Marketing Malpractice: The Cause and the Cure”, Harvard Business Review.

Discussion Topic: Media Courses

As marketing students, do you think we should have media courses that you can study at FCC? My question is inspired from some experiences on the second day of the advertising conference (Adcon).

Evania Sets up a Tray for Guests

My 3 year old wanted to help me out as I was moving around the lounge and kitchen to make sure everything was in order for the arrival of our friends for dinner. Evania didn’t enjoy the tumblers on the tray. She moved the glasses by the side of the dining table and set up colorful balls in the tray exclaiming that these are cakes.

She was proud of it! And her uncle just loved the idea! The incident reminds me of the words of Paulo Coelho:

“A child can teach an adult three things (a) to be happy for no reason (b) to always be curious (c) to fight tirelessly for something.”

The HEC Islamabad Experience

HEC Islamabad.. what a nightmare! The windows don’t have tags declaring which Window it is, most of the awaam didn’t take a shower, and I have learned a few things. There are no separate lines for women and their representation is very small. I am amongst the four women I have spotted in uncountable men. Also, greasy hair loaded with dandruff and ears full of wax are a painful thing to see. So I am waiting for my token here while my husband and daughter are enjoying the pool at Serena. When suffering can be minimized, it should be. Evania is too young to experience the real Pakistan and my husband has stood by me through far more intellectually amd emotionally trying times than standing in a lame row at HEC.