A healthy dose of the Art of Living

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is touring Pakistan promoting his well known Art of Living program. He is an ambassador of peace spreading his message of enlightenment, positive energy, and creating a harmony with the world that surrounds us. I attended the session on an empty stomach. I did not have time to eat between my commitments and I did not want to be late for the lecture. I was motivated to attend it as so many of my friends laud the program and his work. Few even spent some time at ashrams abroad and felt a ‘blissful’ day/ moment during their stay there. Continue reading “A healthy dose of the Art of Living”

The Thought Provoking 2012-2013 Table Calendar of FC College

People often wonder how I have been able to commit five years of my life to an organization. Well sometimes I have wondered too. This is the longest time I have worked at any organization in my life and I am still happy working here. This is not very characteristic of people of my generation who are known for changing jobs when faced with the slightest hurdle or sometimes just for a change of scenery and people perhaps. Continue reading “The Thought Provoking 2012-2013 Table Calendar of FC College”