Pakistan As I Once Knew It

I have an interesting relationship with Pakistan. Pakistan and I are often friends, sometimes a little estranged, and at times archenemies. This relationship has soured most in recent times. I feel that we as a people just lost our values somewhere and in that we lost a part of ourselves as well. I want to show my daughter a Pakistan that I saw and alas that is not possible and in that lays my resentment. As a child, I remember seeing my dad stay up on most nights working through his files though he was a government officer. He retired as the Chief Engineer of South Punjab. We often had a government jeep or car parked in our garage but we were never allowed to use the government’s petrol and property. It was a real life lesson in honesty and being righteous.

Our joys back then were simple too. We didn’t need extravagant vacations at exotic locations around the world to feel happy. I am still in awe of the times when it would rain in Lahore, and my family and I would talk about the sweet smell of wet earth Continue reading “Pakistan As I Once Knew It”